Monday, August 1, 2016

drawing in my notebook

This past weekend my parents met us in North Carolina for a short catch up vacation.  We had not seen each other since we moved from New Mexico over 18 months ago.  That was a long time to go without a visit.  Ordinarily I would see them every few months, several times a year.  Needless to say we made the most of the trip.

While on our trip I pulled out my travelers notebook, a pencil and an erasure to draw a little.  It was good therapy and a welcome break from a nasty bit of an artists block.  
(In fact, the week before the trip it seemed to come back to me in a flood. In fact, I painted two small acrylics, water colored some and even made a bracelet.  It was so nice.)

Anyway, here are the pages I doodled on the trip.  I think these will be scanned and used for posters and other graphic art later.  I kinda love them.

travelers notebook | websters pages +  cahier blank notebook | moleskine  + pencils | faber castell

I'm not sure what the random cactus was all about but for some reason I just felt like drawing some.  That happens.  haha

So, that is it for today.  Now to head of and unpack so I can be creative again later.

Have a wonderful day,