Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Garden Flowers and Kitty Cats

Tonight as the sun was starting to go down, this little love came running up to me with a handful of little flowers.  Not just any flowers...the flowers from the little bushes in my front flower bed.  She was so cute and so full of love that I couldn't even begin to be angry.  Of course I had to grab a few photos.  I think we took about 5 minutes total to grab these.  The light was perfect, she was in a good mood and her kitties even let her hold them.  I call that a very big win.

As you can see, the cats were not really happy about being loved on but they tolerated her very nicely.

|photos edited with bellevue avenue "filmtastic life" set|

Thursday, March 13, 2014

January Project Life part 1

I went a little overboard with my January pages.  Just a little.  I am going to post half today and the other half tomorrow.  I'm sure you will notice that my page protectors are all different sizes.  In fact, I cut some of the full sized protectors in half this time.  It was just a fun way to add dimension to an otherwise "flat" book.  I'm not sure that is the best idea though since my book is already getting full and it's only March.  I may need several books to finish out the year.  lol

journaling card |paislee press|  button |studio calico|

the quote is mine

hand painted watercolor cards

Monday, March 10, 2014

3 year old style

I just love the outfits my daughter puts together. Today she asked for shorts so I gave her the pink shirt and shorts to wear. Then she wanted the striped sweater and the blue star shoes. I have so many little battles I fight with her every day. Writing her letters or learning a new shape, eating her lunch and dinner, not eating any candy before lunch or after dinner...I have just decided to let the clothes choices be. Besides, she is just so stinking cute even if she doesn't always match. ♥

In fact, she was so cute today that when I said no to a lollipop today at the store, the cashier just gave her one. 
 Can't say no to kindness either. 

 All images edited in photoshop with actions by | my four hens photography |

Monday, March 3, 2014

so much for that...

I had planned last year to be a frequent poster on this poor little blog.  Well, even with the best of intentions in mind, I failed.  Now I am about to try this again.  I have a month and one half of my project life for this year to post as well as a ton of photos to share.  Then there are scrapbook pages for my digital teams as well.  Hopefully with all of that I will be able to keep up the posting.  For today though, just a few photos from today.  My girls...

Snuggling with my littlest love this morning.

This afternoon they decided that they had to go outside to play legos on the makeshift tent I put over the swing.  It was soooo cold but I managed to grab a few photos anyway.  They are so pretty and growing up so fast.