Monday, March 3, 2014

so much for that...

I had planned last year to be a frequent poster on this poor little blog.  Well, even with the best of intentions in mind, I failed.  Now I am about to try this again.  I have a month and one half of my project life for this year to post as well as a ton of photos to share.  Then there are scrapbook pages for my digital teams as well.  Hopefully with all of that I will be able to keep up the posting.  For today though, just a few photos from today.  My girls...

Snuggling with my littlest love this morning.

This afternoon they decided that they had to go outside to play legos on the makeshift tent I put over the swing.  It was soooo cold but I managed to grab a few photos anyway.  They are so pretty and growing up so fast.

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  1. Such beautiful girls! Your little ones eyes are amazing!