Tuesday, May 20, 2014

film | my second love

I have this overwhelming love for film photography.  I am not sure why since I am not really that good at it and it's super expensive.  I guess maybe it is that I am forced to slow down and take my time with every shot. or that after all my frames are shot, I am done.  It is nice to have the memories and not have to sort through 300 digital photos to find 100 I really like then decide which ones are worthy of printing.  Recently I developed 4 rolls and found some memories that I had forgotten about.  Another lovely thing about film.  Here are a few of the photos I loved.
These were taken with a Nikon EM and Mamiya MSX 1000.  Films used were fujifilm superia 400.

I am loving the grain and colors I got with these photos.  Makes me happy.

Now head on over to Nicole's lovely blog to see what amazing photos she has for you.


  1. these are all so lovely. The first one has such a great feel to it. I love the colors. and I adore the one of your little girl on the with the child on the front steps! love the way you framed it and the soft tones and the fact that she is busy and doesn't seem to notice you!

  2. What wonderful images. I agree wholeheartedly as to why there is such a strong love for film! I love being able to photograph moments, then live!

  3. What beauty you are surrounded by in your life & what a lovely way you have shown it!

  4. wonderful images!
    saw your "green" photos posted on Little Bellows instagram.
    so I thought I would check out your stuff, glad I did !
    fernsphotography on Instagram :)