Monday, June 29, 2015

#hashtagthisweek with Turquoise Avenue!

I am so super excited to bring #hashtagthisweek to you guys.  A few weeks ago Mandy asked if I would help her bring this weeks theme to life and of course I said yes.  I am going to share a little blurb from her blog to help describe it because the way she said it makes more sense than anything I could think up.

"#ThisWeek | A weekly photo & story prompt for memory keepers originated by Mandy Elliott of Turquoise Avenue designed to encourage others to take a photograph and spend time creating a story based on the weekly theme. Together, in collaboration with other talented creatives, #ThisWeek is a free, fun, and inspiring challenge allowing you to join in any time, any way that best fits your schedule. Play along by sharing on social media under #hashtagthisweek or by linking up via" - via Turquoise Ave

Fun, right?

The theme this time is "our backyard".  I made a page for this week but the rest of my photos and more information about this week is over on her BLOG.

the layout:

the details:

That's it!  So head on over to Mandy's blog and link up your "backyard" photos.  


  1. As I sit here looking at this beautiful scrapbook page, I'm thinking how you unknowingly added a little bird embellishment to your layout (one of my favorite parts) and this morning your sweet little one was building a nest for her bird! So precious!

    1. PS, Thank you so much for hosting this week! Its been a joy having you!