Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Blog!!!

I decided to move back to blogger recently when my hosting ran out.  No sense in paying a lot of money for a blog just now and I love blogger.  :)  

My hope is to share all of my photos and scrapbooking pages here.  I am also addicted to instagram.  It's a guarantee that there will a lot of posts with my phone photos.

There will be a mix of paper scrapbooking and digital as well as a mix of film and digital photos.  I will also be sharing other photographers/scrappers/vendors that I like in hopes to inspire you and me with some new fun things.

A little note for future visits:
  If you are only wanting to see photos, click the tag "photos" or if you are only interested in the scrap pages, click "scraps" or "scrapbooking".    I cannot wait to get started!!!


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