Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CM Blog Circle: Interesting Perspectives

My second post for this wonderful group of CM photographers.  This month we were to photograph interesting perspectives.  Here is my contribution.  :)

First up is a little instagram goodness.

<3Tree Climbing.#whereistand watching my little girl look for bugs, surrounded by chalk.feetbunssweet girlmommy and her loveI love this. Her sweet little baby curls and tiny hand. <3

Now for some big cam stuff.

sprinkler fun

all three

m4h | p52 | wild card



 Thank you for taking the time to look at my photos. Now continue on your journey to the fabulous Haley Hardy -


  1. Enjoyed the whole series, Brenda, and how you explored from so many different angles. My favorites are the instagram pics: the bare toes peeking out of the jeans and the bird's eye view of her writing. So cute!

  2. Followed you on IG! Love your perspectives here. Especially the swimsuit shot - super cute!