Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Letters to Our Daughters April |Kiara|

Dearest Kiara,
 My little princess.  You are definitely growing up way too fast.  This last month I have seen you grow up so much.  I feel like my little girl has turned into a big girl overnight.  Even you don't seem to know what to do with this newfound big girl-ness.  I have seen more tantrums out of you than you ever had in your twos.  I will be honest and say that I am not sure what to do with you.  I think you are just confused as you take one more step in growing up.

  In fact, I just signed you up for kindergarten today.  That was so hard for me.  I have had the last 5 years with you and it has been quite the ride.  You are not an easy little girl sometimes.  I wouldn't trade all of those "fun" things for anything in the world.  You are my first princess and I will always treasure the first few years I got to enjoy you being in my life full time.


sprinkler fun

pretty girlSand play. Who needs buckets and shovels when you have sticks and water bottles.

This kid and her sense of humor. LOL She is always doing something to make people laugh.

  Oh this girl. Beautiful brown sugar eyes, lip gloss all over, a princess crown and dirt everywhere. I love her. <3

Please check on Maria's post and continue on to the next after that.  We have a lovely circle of ladies and you won't want to miss one.  I promise.  :)

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  1. This is beautiful! Kindergarten?! I can't even think about that! The time does go fast. . .