Wednesday, August 12, 2015

we were here | kellie stamps

Today's post is brought to you by Kellie Stamps and lots of caffeine.  I am dying to go back to the beach already but for now I am just reliving our trip from a few weeks ago while making some scrap pages.  I can still feel the sun and smell the salt in the air while I sit here typing this up.  That is what this hobby is all about to me.  Remembering the fun things we do as a family.  

This page was made using my August Gossamer Blue kits and the newest set of stamps by Kellie Stamps.  This set is called "Seriously?" and is one of my absolute faves.  

Lately I have been loving grid style layouts.  All the little pieces from the GB kits fit perfectly here making a very busy but photo-centric page.  This is absolutely my favorite photo from our beach trip.  I love it so much I may actually scrap it a few times.  haha

Hope you are having a lovely summer and have lots of time to put those memories to paper.  Don't forget to get on over to Kellie's store and pre-order your stamps.  They start shipping the 15th!

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